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St. Michael's cathedral had been founded in the 11th century as the cathedral of the roman-catholic archbishopric of Transylvania, established here by the first king of Hungary, St. Steven.  The present building was erected in the romanesque style during the 13th century.  In the 15th century the choir was extended in the gothic style.  The renaissance Lazo chapel, the first renaissance example in Transylvania, was added in the 1512 century.  Inside the cathedral are the Italian renaissance style tombs of Ioannus Corvinus (Johann Huniad, governor of Hungary and ruler of Transylvania), of prince Sigismund and his mother's, queen Isabella of Hungary and of other important dignitaries and bishops.  St. Michael's cathedral is the most important architectural ensemble in Transylvania.
Images: the edifice of St. Michael's cathedral; romanesque style side doorway; the monumental main gateway; the vaulted interior of the cathedral; the tombstones inside the cathedral; the foundations of the 9th century rotonda chapel; the interior of the Lazo chapel