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Official name: Alba Iulia  Other names: Apulon, Apulum, Balgrad, Alba Transilvana, Weissenburg, Karlsburg, Gyulafehervar

Alba Iulia is a modern city, a cultural and historic center and the seat of Alba district.  It is located in the foothills of the Apuseni Mountains (Western Carpathians), SW Transylvania.  The city is dominated by the impressive citadel sheltering the tranquil old town.  Although the city center has its fair share of communist era architecture, many old neighborhoods have survived in the lower town which has preserved its pleasant atmosphere.  It receives little tourism apart from the occasional tourist bus.  The city has a few hotels and pensions.  It is also a gateway to the spectacular Apuseni Mountains to the west.  Alba Iulia and the surrounding region are mainly based on agriculture and mining, wine and porcelain industries.

History of Alba Iulia

The city of Alba Iulia has a few attractions to offer.  The main attractions are located within the impressive star shaped citadel.

Panoramic views from the citadel over the city.
Alba Iulia Photo Album
The upper town. The 18th century Carolina citadel.
Within the citadel: The medieval St. Michael's catholic cathedral. The tombs of royalty and clergy inside the cathedral.
Within the citadel: The medieval catholic bishopric palace.
Within the citadel: Ancient artifacts stored at the orthodox cathedral. The history museum.
Within the citadel: Batthyanaeum library established in an old monastery. Street lined with old houses.
Within the citadel: The gate and walls of the ancient Roman city of Apulum. Custozza monument.
The lower town. A 16th century and two 18th century orthodox churches.
The map of the fortress. Crowds in the upper town center on National Day. The city hall in the lower town center.